Save up to 70% heating expences

In compatison to traditional electric heaters in well isolated building.

Meet Energy efficient electric heating system

TermoPlaza energy saving infrared heaters is the definition of efficiency. Devices designed to convert each watt of electricity to warmth and provide you comfortable environment. We designed our products to utilize both infrared waves and convection effect to increase efficiency even more, so that you can spend less on your electricity bills. Built-in intelligent thermostat monitors not only the temperature in the room, but also the temperature of the heater itself. This is to ensure 100% safety and efficiency.

years on the market

Satisfied customers, including regular customers!

Years of reliable operation of the heater used in heating panels

TermoPlaza’s key features

Save up to 70% of electricity

Intelligent programmable built-in thermostat

Quiet and safe

Innovative combination of IR and convection

Fast and easy mounting, mobility

You don’t need projects and approvals

No dry air, no dust

Infrared heat evenly heats whole room.

Are you ready to save the energy?



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